Wind tunnel, Ø 2.4


Aerial tube used Ø 2.4 m. Closed type diameter is an attraction-simulator of free fall.

This is a design in which a powerful stream of rising air creates conditions for human flight. The result is an absolutely safe analogue of a parachute jump. Thanks to smooth flow and calculated

The diameter of the flight zone is 2.4 meters, the height is 8 meters, the required area for installation is 50-150 sq.m.

The sale price includes:

– The modular design of the complex with all available equipment, incl. flight area, reception area, dressing room, recreation area. (It can be dismantled and promptly delivered to anywhere in the country and the world. Assembly takes about 2 weeks)

– An additional block-modular building of 90 sq.m.

– A fully prepared project for the modernization of the complex to increase the area by more than 2 times

– A complete set of equipment, helmets, suits, flight shoes (for commercial use).

– Consultations on starting a business in a new place, full support is possible.