Wind tunnel Ø 5.3


• Dimensions: 27,4 * 10 * 24,8m

• Cylindrical transparent part is 8 m long

• Diameter of the flight chamber D1 5.3m, D2 5.8m

• Glazing: glass is made of a hardened triplex 0.17-0.24m thickness

• Electrical motors, max. power of 355kW 6pcs

• Maximum speed of the air flow ≥75 m/s

• Weight:  200 000 kg



Ø 5.3 wind tunnel training system is a closed, double-circuit wind tunnel intended for training and performance of the skydivers of any level and entertaining flights in the conditions imitating a free fall.

The wind tunnel can be easily assembled and disassembled and can be transported in standard sea containers to any locations in the world.

In addition, our company provides a 50% discount on the course of professional training of instructors with the skills of a technical specialist.

Training is carried out by highly qualified athletes-instructors. The training program consists of 30 hours, including 15 hours of theory, 15 hours of practical skills. The training course includes acquaintance with the technical characteristics and the device of the wind tunnel, which will allow inspection and maintenance. The cost of flight time is paid by the customer.


Advantages of the vertical wind tunnel:


The total power of the engines is required to provide the same good result as the competitors, but at lower costs due to technical solutions.


This is a saving:

10 000 dollars from every thousand hours of engine running time

50 000 dollars at the initial stage when connecting



A good distinctive feature of the Ømodels is that the motors with fans on the shafts are installed directly in the channels of the wind tunnel, as a consequence-the absence of external engine compartments and the complete absence of transmission. What makes the wind tunnel more compact, reliable and durable.



The height of the glass directly affects the attractiveness of your project for visitors.



The design does not have oversized elements. The vertical wind tunnel is easily assembled and disassembled, and can be transported anywhere in the world in standard sea containers.

Payment is as follows: 30% advance payment, the remaining amount in equal installments within 6 months.


Buy a large closed vertical wind tunnel at the manufacturer’s price in the company BusinessFly. The best stationary wind tunnel is 5.3 meters. This wind tunnel is worth its money. High-level equipment.