Wind tunnel Ø 4.3


maximum length 19.68 m,

maximum width 7 m,

maximum height 29.55 m

The height of the flight zone is 11.89 m,

transparent glass part 7.03 m,

triplex not less than 25 mm thick

Diameter of the flight zone 4.3 m

WEG 4×400 kW engines

Frequency converters DELTA 4×400 kW

Maximum speed 300 km / h (83 m / s)


The cost of the equipment supplied, including delivery, installation supervision, complete assembly, but excluding customs payments, VAT, as well as equipment and mechanisms necessary for installation.

Equipment: The Wind Tunnel has a closed single-circuit arrangement.It has high aerodynamic characteristics, which positively affects the speed and quality of the air flow, as well as economic indicators. Speed (max) of an air stream not less than 83 m / s.In general, the electric type of power plants and a closed configuration allow us to have excellent environmental performance, low noise and ease of use.

– Rotary blades

– Air ducts, diffuser, fiberglass confuser

– Flight area with glazing D 4.3 m

– Tambour gateway

– fans

– Electric motors

– Frequency inverters

– Temperature sensor

– vibration sensor

– Remote Control

– Flight zone lighting project

– The flow cooling system is designed as a complete set (chillers and pipelines are not included in the set)

The designated life of the wind tunnel as (but not less than 20 years).
The warranty period for the product is 3 years (from the moment of signing the Acceptance Certificate). The components and assemblies are guaranteed by the manufacturers.
Production time is 6 months. Assembly and installation of equipment is 5 months.
Installation supervision and complete assembly of equipment is carried out by highly professional specialists with extensive experience in installation work on the assembly of wind tunnels