Wind tunnel Ø 4.3


  • Dimensions: (D.Sh.V.) 22x8x24 m.
  • Flight chamber: Cylindrical transparent part (glass) D 4.3 m. H 5 m.
  • The total height of the flight chamber is 12 m.
  • Power max. 1500 kW
  • Fans 4 pcs. D 3 m.
  • Airflow Max. 270 km / h (+ -3%)
  • Cooling – air exchange, forced.
  • Cooling by a refrigeration unit (chiller) – option
  • Recommended chiller cooling capacity 900 kW, electric power 300 kW
  • Flight chamber noise suppression system – option
  • Mass is about 170 tons.

For sale vertical wind tunnel closed 4.3 meters in diameter.

A wind tunnel is designed to simulate the free fall of a person in the air. It can be used to perform all types of sports and applied flights in a wind tunnel. Differs in compactness, simplicity and reliability of a design, at the same time, high technical characteristics.

Contents of delivery:

  • Bearing frame
  • Air duct housing (metal with composite housing elements of double curvature) with return air ducts and rotary blade assemblies
  • Main fans with el. drive (Siemens 355 kW engines) complete 4 pcs
  • Flight camera (glass) with a lock gateway. Doors with el. driven.
  • 4×400 kW frequency converters (Siemens)
  • Digital control system (includes Control Panel, PC, Software)
  • Diffuser and confuser lighting system
  • Safe landing system (energy-absorbing mesh)

The wind tunnel is designed for indoor installation and operation. The noise level from the wind tunnel, both indoors, in the workroom, and outside, depends on the structure of the building and the materials of the walls and floors.

Production time 10 months.

Payment in rubles at the Central Bank rate on the day of sale).