Wind tunnel Ø 3.0


The system is made of metal with profiled elements and a steel support frame. It features high aerodynamic quality that positively influences the speed and quality of the airflow and also the economic performance. The (Max) speed of the airflow is not less than 75 m/s.



Ø 3.0 vertical wind tunnel is intended both for entertaining flights as well as for trainings and competitions of sportsmen at all skill levels. It has a closed double-circuit configuration which is standard for the devices of its class, and is equipped with a cooling system allowing using it independently of climate, seasons and weather.

The design includes cooled vanes of rotary units and a nozzle with high contraction ratio (3,4). In general, the electric motors and the closed configuration of the system enable excellent ecological characteristics, low noise level and operating convenience.

An advantageous feature of Ø3.0 is the location of the motors with fans on shafts directly in the tunnel channels. This results in a design free of external motor sections as well as a transmission, which makes the wind tunnel more compact, reliable and durable.

The wind tunnel can be easily assembled and disassembled and can be transported in standard sea containers to any location in the world. The total weight of the system is 58 t.



• Support frame

• Air channels;

• Flight chamber with glazing and a door;

• Transfer chamber;

• Fans (D 2500 mm.) 2 pcs.;

• 3-phase induction electrical motors, max. power of 355 kW 2 pcs.;

• Frequency converters 2х400 kW (or higher power);

• Forced cooling system;

• Turning vanes with liquid cooling;

• External heat exchangers with fans for circulating the cooled air in the wind tunnel circuits;

• Control panel with connected digital channel for control and monitoring (Windows OS);

• Vibration sensors 2 pcs.;

• Air temperature sensor in flight chamber;

• Air pressure sensor 1 pcs.;

• Electrical cabinet 2 pcs.;

• Electrical cables and wires (a set for connection).

Emergency stop buttons are located in the following locations:

• Control panel;

• Inside of in front of the transfer chamber;

• In addition, it is possible to install a smooth and safe shutdown system.



Service life of our wind tunnels is determined by the actual state of the system: but not less than 10 years The tunnel has 3 years limited warranty and individual units are subjects to the warranty of a corresponding manufacturer. The period between the maintenance service of the fans is 2000 hours, with periodic inspections as specified in the manual.

Service life extension for the fans is possible.

In addition, our company provides a 50% discount on the course of professional training of instructors with the skills of a technical specialist. Training is carried out by highly qualified athlete’s instructors. The training program consists of 30 hours, including 15 hours of theory, 15 hours of practical skills. The training course includes acquaintance with the technical characteristics and the device of the wind tunnel, which will allow inspection and maintenance. The cost of flight time is paid by the customer.



The support frame consists of steel tubes with bolted and welded connections. It bears the power units and cooling heat exchangers. It provides stability and rigidity of the whole wind tunnel structure.

The support frame is mounted directly on the foundation. The foundation is constructed according to the Design Documentation provided by the Manufacturer.



Air channels provide the airflow circulation inside the wind tunnel with the minimum aerodynamic resistance.

The structure of the air channels is reinforced by the support frame.

All metal surfaces in the wind tunnel are painted according to the color scheme (without images) approved by the Buyer.


Dimensions: the flight chamber is a transparent cylindrical chamber (glass) with the internal diameter of 3000 mm and the height of 7200 mm. A non-transparent expanding chamber is located above the cylindrical part. Transparent section of the flight chamber (with the height not less than 5700 mm) is made of the tempered triplex with thickness of 17 mm or greater and consists of two segments connected by a metal ring.

• The lower segment has entrance consisting of a metal frame, a door and side inserts. The entrance is connected to the transfer chamber, also made of cylindrical glass windows inserted into metal frames. Doors of the flight chamber and the transfer chamber are equipped with electric drives.

• Safety Nets: the flight chamber is restricted with safety nets from the top and the bottom. The bottom net has a mesh of 60х60 mm. (rope with D of 3 mm). The safety nets are mounted in a way to provide easy access for the service and repair.

CP – a wind tunnel operator’s station, includes the following elements:

• Digital control panel for the frequency converters/motors, switch for the electric drive of the cooling flaps, switch for the electric drive of the flight chamber door, switches (4 groups) for the flight chamber illumination; • PC connected to CPU (via USB, RS-232); • SW (it displays the actual operating parameters of the motors and wind tunnel systems including motors RPM, currents, flight time and temperature in the flight chamber).


Model 3m
Actual cost of minimum work package 630 000 $
Specified base cost 630 000 $
Delivery set / Extra charges
Frequency converters for electric motors +
Engines +
Possibility of operation using diesel fuel +

80 700 $

Possibility of operation from electric mains +
Height of glass 5,7m
Wind tunnel support structure +
Wind tunnel path +
Dimensioning (availability of standard fright) +
Noise insulation Additional option
Flow cooling system +
Designed into the basic complete set. Additional payment is required for extra chillers.


Compatibility with

European standards

Installation      of Siemens

electric           motors           for

additional        payment is


Base warranty period 3 years
Wind tunnel installation Installation supervision is included
Prefabricated building project (drawing) +
Number of drives 2
Maximum power 710 kW
Maximum flow speed 75 m/s
Cost of connection to electrical mains (based on 355$ per 1 kW) 252 000$
Operation cost per 1 year (about 2000 operating hours)
Maintenance Cost: 322 $ per year
Operation price (per 2000 hours). Calculation in case of               maximum              fuel


115 200 $
(0,08$ per kW

0,5 Euro/liter)

*2000*-motor power

Additional items:
Disassembly possibility 7 days
System safety in case of power failure or motor stop For extra payment – gradual RPM decrease
Personnel training (4 instructors) 50 % discount