Wind tunnel Ø 2.4


  • Dimensions (D.Sh.V.) 13.8x5x12.4 m
  • Flight Camera: Glass – D 2.4 m, H 3.3 m Full height 6.5 m
  • Power max. 470 kW Fans D 2000 mm (2×220 kW)
  • Cooling: – Forced air exchange – Heat exchange from the chiller (option)
  • Weight 30 t

A compact closed-type wind tunnel is sold for sports and entertainment.

The best solution for beginners. A good option for sports single and twin flights. Suitable for installation in any region for year-round operation. The best price on the global market for wind tunnel. Highly efficient fans are mounted on independent supports, which ensures the absence of perceptible vibrations on the wind tunnel body and in the service building.

The maximum power is only 470 kW. This wind tunnel demonstrates a unique combination of compactness and simplicity of design with high technical characteristics.

The highest level of safety is ensured by a grid with a patented system of safe landing (SBP).


  • Air duct housing
  • Swivel blade assemblies
  • Fans (with motors) 2 pcs.
  • Cooling system
  • Flight camera
  • Gateway (for 10 people) with noise reduction system
  • 2 × 220 kW frequency converters
  • Computer control system
  • Color backlight system
  • Grid with energy-absorbing safe landing system


  • Advanced Guided Backlight
  • Flight Chamber Noise Reduction System
  • Heat exchange (water) cooling system
  • Chiller
  • Diesel generator
  • Sport equipment
  • European CE Certification
  • Standard project of a complex with a building

Price and Delivery Terms

  • Payment in rubles at the Central Bank rate
  • Prepayment 60%
  • Final payment 40% (until shipment)
  • Terms of delivery – pickup
  • Production time 4 months
  • Warranty 12 months. The service life of the fans is at least 8000 hours.

What you need to run

  1. Convenient location
  2. Complex project
  3. Installation, construction and decoration
  4. Recruitment and training of staff.
  5. Minimum: 1 manager, 2 administrators, 6 instructors
  6. Power connection
  7. Equipment (overalls, helmets, shoes) 20 sets


  • Separate location on your own land
  • Inside sports or shopping malls.
  • The AKM-VWT-240 support frame can be covered with glass panels for techno design and noise reduction. Requires chiller cooling.
  • Installation using existing points of traffic generation Adjacent territories of large shopping and sports facilities