Wind tunnel, Ø 2.2, used


For sale used Wind tunnel Ø 2.2 m. diameter of the closed type at the best price.
Aerotube - simulator for the training of athletes, parachutists and free fall attraction for everyone. You can fly in a closed wind tunnel at any time of the year. The even and powerful air flow allows you to work out various methods of flight, including standing upright flight (using the minimum lifting area).
You can use it to generate income or put it in a country house so that your children and friends can fly

Diameter 2.2 meters
Glass height 6 meters
Maximum airspeed of at least 240 km / h
Design weight 10 tons
Maximum power 400 kW
The advantages of our Wind tunnel:
-metal construction is fully collapsible, so it is easily transported to anywhere in the world;
-aero-pipe closed double-circuit type with a system for maintaining the temperature inside the aerotube at any time of the year, in any weather;
-the lack of transmissions and engine compartments due to modern engineering solutions;
- compactness;
- cost effectiveness.

Aerotube business
Flying in the wind tunnel is a global trend in the field of sports and entertainment. This service has a wide target audience:
-children 4+ and adults;
- sportsmen, parachutists, the Russian national team in aviation sports;
- foreign athletes.

Also, gift certificates for flying in an Wind tunnel, corporate events and celebrations in an aerotube are very much in demand.

Includes everything you need to work.

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