Vertical wind tunnel "Free flight" Ø 2.5


Glass height 5.5 m

Diameter of the glass 2.5 m

Noise level (without noise isolation) 110 dB (Loud music)

Noise level (with sound insulation) 68 dB (Noisy street)

Temperature operating conditions from +45 to -15

This wind tunnel does not require a foundation!


    The Free Flight wind tunnel can be both stationary and mobile (installed on a trailer for a truck). This is the newest and the most exciting wind tunnel. This is the most extreme installation, which has no analogues in the CIS countries. And these are not empty words, which can often be heard in the news. This is a really working machine. The wind tunnel of the Belarusian manufacture, which has a great experience in the manufacture of turnkey wind tunnel equipment. For many years of the work, all the shortcomings and wishes of customers have been taken into account. Now it is perfect. We are ready to make a wind tunnel for 1 month after the client order as all necessary accessories are available. In particular, the Italian gearbox, which usually slows down the production. Engine YaMZ is made by Yaroslavl plant. The customer will need to pay 50% of the prepayment in order to start the assembly of the wind tunnel. A month later, after signing the act of completed work, the second part of the sum is should be paid and the ready wind tunnel with all documents will be transferred to the customer.



    We will help you to arrange the delivery of your attraction to your park with the best mode of the transport.



    Our experts will professionally install an attraction in your park, as well as carry out commissioning work - or rather, fully prepare an attraction for those who wish to fly on it.



    As we have the construction department it is possible to develop and refine the attraction that you would like to see in your park.



    Our rides are covered by a 1-year warranty, as well as after-sales service.


    Overall height


    Overall width and length

    2.5 / 9.5 m


    40 sq. M. m

    Number of seats

    1 person.

    Total weight of the attraction

    7000 kg

    Generator power, 24V

    4.4 kW

    Number of attendants

    2 people.

    Throughput per 1 hour of operation

    20 people.

    Diesel fuel consumption

    65 l / h


    diesel YaMZ 500 HP

    Revolutions of propeller

    1550 rpm

    maximum torque

    1800 N * m

    Number of screw blades


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