Wind tunnel Wind Zone Ø 2.2


Dimensions: length 10,254 m, width 2,26 m, height 9,8 m.
The diameter of the flight zone is 2.18 m.
The height of the flight zone (from the grid to the grid) is 4 m, the height of the glass is up to an extension of 2 m.
Weight 11000 kg.
Power of electric motors of the fan drive 2х132 kW
Fan speed 0 – 1500 rpm


Surely you have got acquainted with the market of wind tunnels of the closed circuit and saw that the options are cheaper than 23 million rubles in the market as a rule.

We have an opportunity to offer our customers a ready aerodynamic installation for 300 thousand dollars – almost at the price of an open wind tunnel.

This is a wind tunnel, which successfully operates under the Wind Zone brand in the city of Perm.

In our opinion, this is the most economical wind tunnel in Russia, intended for flights of beginners and athletes of entry level (including sitting flights). With the correct approach, you can pay it back in less than a year.

Why is it selling? It is planned to be removed by installing a new-class wind tunnel with a diameter of 2.5 meters and a cost of 500 thousand dollars, which will reflect all modern technical developments in the production of wind tunnels.