Open wind tunnel Ø 2.2


Aerodynamic simulator

Dimensions (D.Sh.V.) 12.8x6x9.9 m
Flight Camera: Glass – D 2.2 m, H 5.6 m
Power max. 630 kW
Fans D 2000 mm (2×315 kW)
Noise level (dist. 10 m.) No more than 75 dB
Weight 30 t

A wind tunnel Ø 2.2 open is on sale.

Compact wind tunnel for sports and entertainment. The best solution for quick launch without investment in infrastructure and building. Suitable for year-round operation in any region with a warm and temperate climate. It does not require a building, foundation and utilities. The best price on the world market of a wind tunnel!

The electric drive without transmission, and digital control provide a high level of reliability, a huge resource, ease of use and environmental friendliness.

The maximum level of safety is ensured by a grid with the patented system of safe landing (SBP).


  • Air duct housing
  • Swivel blade assemblies
  • Fans (with motors) 2 pcs.
  • Flight camera
  • 2 × 315 kW frequency converters
  • Computer control system
  • Color backlight system
  • Grid with energy-absorbing safe landing system


  • Advanced Guided Backlight
  • Flight Chamber Noise Reduction System
  • Diesel generator
  • Sport equipment
  • European CE Certification

You can buy an open wind tunnel at a bargain price by leaving a request or calling us

  • The price includes the training of 2 instructors. Installation cost $ 12,000 (Payment in rubles at the Central Bank rate).
  • Prepayment 60%
  • Final payment 40% (until shipment)
  • Terms of delivery – pickup
  • Production time 4 months
  • Warranty 12 months. The service life of the fans is at least 8000 hours.

What you need to run

  1. Convenient location
  2. Business plan
  3. Mounting
  4. Power connection
  5. Recruitment and training of staff. Minimum: 1 manager, 2 administrators, 6 instructors
  6. Equipment (overalls, helmets, shoes) 20 sets.


  • Separate location with convenient transport accessibility
  • At aerodromes with active parachute drop zones
  • Installation using existing traffic generation points:

– adjacent territories of large shopping and sports facilities

– places of mass leisure