Wind tunnel WTA-500 Ø 2.5


The wind tunnel WTA-500, is intended for preparation and training of sportsmen-paratroopers or as an extreme attraction.

Developing this sport attraction, our experts used the technology of the wind tunnel, which is used both for testing in automobile and aircraft construction, and for training of professional paratroopers.

  • 1 year engine warranty from the YaMZ plant.
  • 1 year warranty on the gearbox from the Italian manufacturer.
  • The warranty on the construction itself is 7 years from our production.

The price for customers from the European Union, and USA will be 10 thousand higher due to customs duties and certification.

The international experience of training sports teams of paratroopers and airborne troopers shows the wide application of special simulators that create an ascending flow of air for training in controlling the position of the body when performing special exercises.
The necessity of using WTA-500 in modern conditions is determined by:
– Constant complication of parachute-landing equipment and conditions of its application, which entails a significant increase in the terms of training.
– The growth of the cost of using aviation equipment
– The need for the development of initial skills
– Increasing the effectiveness of training and reducing the cost of training.

The basic version of the attraction is a mobile (mounted on a semi-trailer chassis) structure consisting of a semi-trailer chassis (which is the base), a closed flight area (a so-called glass, which is equipped with additional safety features in the form of safety nets and transparent plastic fencing panels), a platform with remote control, mechanical compartment.

In construction of the attraction “WTA-500” it’s used the designed six-blade propeller instead of the aircraft three-bladed propeller. Due to this fact, the air flow turned out to be more even with a noticeable decrease in noise.

The safety of the participants is ensured by a special safety construction which is limiting the flight zone. It is possible to equip the attraction with an additional noise isolation fence.

The purchase is as follows. An agreement is signed, then a prepayment for 70% of the cost of the wind tunnel is made. After signing the acceptance and delivery certificate of the installation the customer pay remained 30% of the cost.

Shipping dimensions in a standard sea container:

Weight 6500 kg
For transportation by sea container 40 pound dimensions 2250х2250х8000, the diameter of the flight zone is 2380.
For transportation on an open semi-trailer: 2500х2500х8000, the diameter of the flight zone from 2500 to 3000

Your local shipping company will be able to calculate the delivery. Specify the approximate cost of delivery from the seaport of St. Petersburg or the port of Vladivostok.

Using of WTA-500 allows:

-To teach free-flight techniques in aerodynamic flow without time restriction
-To provide high physical load on the athlete
-To train the vestibular apparatus
-To train group exercises in aerodynamic flow
-To provide the training of parachutists in conditions that are as close to real
-To monitor the actions of trainees in real time
-To make training at any time, regardless of the weather conditions
The effectiveness of using WTA – 500 in the training of sports teams of paratroopers and airborne troopers is achieved by:
-Significant decrease in the cost of training
-reducing the number of jumps using aviation equipment by 50% or more percent’s
-provision of continuous monitoring of the educational process

WTA – 500 is designed to acquire the theoretical and practical skills of athletes, paratroopers and simply participants in the extreme attraction.
WTA – 500 is used in the following stages of training:
1. Testing the initial skills of behavior in the air stream
2. Learning the basic elements of the jump
3. Conducting the training of athletes in the development of single group jumps

The safety of participants is provided by a plastic “glass” and a grid, which limits the flight zone. The speed of the air flow is monitored by a specially trained specialist.

In the construction of the entertainment installation WTA-500 there is no used the aircraft three-bladed propeller. There is used the screw specially designed for the engine. Due to this fact, the air flow turned out to be more straight with a noticeable decrease in the noise. After all, everyone knows how the aircraft propellers are buzzing. At the airdrome very few people are without a special helmet or headphones. It is also not an electric motor, but a high-power diesel engine that makes the entire installation mobile and non-volatile. Exhaust gas emissions occur above the flight zone. The attraction is very mobile and easy to install. For safety reasons, beginners can be in the stream only in the presence of an instructor.

The paid flight time is divided into sessions for 3 or 2 minutes.

It should be noted that the whole process (including training, equipment, training, etc.)

It will take 10-20 minutes even if only the minimum reserved time is 2 minutes.

Only the net flight time is paid. Time of preparation and equipment is not necessary to pay.


Necessary flight conditions:

The weight of the competitor must be between 20 and 120 kg.

Good physical shape with no health problems.

Persons under the age of 14 are necessarily accompanied by an adult.

Persons under the influence of alcohol and drug intoxication are not allowed to fly!

Clothes should be light, comfortable and do not constrain movements. Any sports shoes with an elastic sole must be fitted tightly to the foot.
A responsibility:

Flight is associated with a certain risk. As at any sport the injuries are possible. Each participant of the flight takes responsibility for the damage to health (stretching, bruises and other injuries) to himself.


  • Before the flight, mandatory instruction and training warm-up is conducted.
  • In the process of training, the skills of safe flight and falling are acquired.


  • It is necessary to extract the contents of pockets, remove jewelry, watches, cell phones, etc.
  • We provide the necessary equipment: Flight suit, Helmet, Gloves.
  • Additional protection in the form of knee pads and elbow pads is available at will.
  • You can come with your ammunition.
  • An experienced instructor will provide support at the beginning of the flight.
  • The minimum flight time is 3 minutes.
  • The maximum flight time is limited only by the physical preparation of the participant.


Overall height 8,5m
Overall width and length 6 m / 9.5 m
Height / Diameter of flight area from 5 m / from 2,5 m
Occupied area with electrical equipment and fencing 70 square meters. m
Number of seats 1 person.
The total weight of the attraction is 6500 kg
Installed power (with illumination) 4.4 kW
The charge of diesel fuel 70-75 l / h
The operating cycle time 1-10 min.
Power supply voltage 24 V
Capacity for 1 hour of work 24-40 people.
Rated / Maximum revolutions of the propeller 1500 rpm / 1800 rpm
Degree of protection from the screw – triple
Noisiness without noise insulation / with sound insulation 110 DtsB / 68 DtsB

Noise reduction option – this is a high, dense fence, protects the spread of noise up to about 50%
Unfortunately, the screw is very powerful and it cannot work quietly. Or buy an expensive closed wind tunnel.
The power of the wind tunnel allows a person weighing 115 kg to fly. guaranteed.
Tech maintenance – changing the oil in the engine, lubricating the gearbox. 1 year engine warranty from the manufacturer YaMZ. And a guarantee for the Italian gearbox from the manufacturer. We have a 7 year warranty on a wind tunnel from us.
Certification for the EU, together with a customs clearance and a wind tunnel, will cost about 100 thousand euros.
Delivery does not have to be expensive, as the wind tunnel is completely compact and fits in a standard open track. You can calculate the price by contacting your local logistics company.


(May differ from country of use

Diesel fuel 75 l / hour (1 dollars/ liter) = 75 dollars
Oil is changed twice a year (winter – summer) 50l – 200 dollars (50×2-100l = 400 dollars, 2 oil filters x 8 dollars = 16 dollars
The service staff fee – 1000 dollars х 3 people = 3,000 dollars
Current expenses – 100 dollars a month. (repair of overalls, replacement of cables, etc.)