Attraction “A wind tunnel” – an approximate business plan

Attraction “A wind tunnel” – an approximate business plan

Wind tunnel is relatively new and unique attraction. The widest range of positive emotions and adrenaline surge experienced by visitors, provides the aerocenter with year-round demand, and its owner receives a constant income. The wind tunnel is clearly a promising and profitable business.

How to organize a business using wind tunnel? First of all, you need to buy it. You can do this on our website by selecting the appropriate option in the catalog.

It is also important to obtain permission from the local administration to operate the attraction. We need to take care of the organization and form of managing the enterprise. In advance it is necessary to choose a premise or a platform where the aerial installation will be placed.

Business plan

In general, the wind tunnel business plan is as follows:

1. Registration of the enterprise and state registration of the service.

2. Obtaining permission to conduct business with the city administration.

3. Selection and hiring of a responsible instructor – ideally an athlete with flight experience, but not necessarily.

4. Collect and complete the first-aid kit, which may be needed to provide the visitor with pre-medical assistance if it is necessary. Despite the safety of the wind tunnel attraction, there is still a risk of injury if the rules of the flight are not respected, or the person may simply be crouching, which also needs to be prepared.

5. Acquisition of equipment. These are overalls, protective helmets, gloves and necessarily earplugs.

6. Purchase and installation of floor scales for preliminary weighing of visitors in order to avoid visiting the attraction by people whose weight does not allow them to carry out a full flight.

Expenditure part

Initial expenses are difficult to estimate, since the price of a wind tunnel can be about 100 thousand dollars or more, up to 3 million dollars, which is also not the limit. It depends on the size, technical parameters, power and transportability of the installation. Therefore, it will be sufficient to subtract all the exact cost of the wind tunnel from the revenue side one time.

It is also worth adding expenses for the purchase of equipment for visitors to the attraction, weights and medicines for the first-aid kit. Important and initial advertising, which will allow potential visitors to learn about the new air center.

Speaking about the current costs, it is worthwhile to understand that this will mainly be spending on labor payment for the employees of the air center. This is an instructor, administrator, maintenance workers and a nurse. A nurse is not required to be hired. A pre-trained instructor will be able to provide first aid, since the wind tunnel attraction is a safe entertainment and does not require constant monitoring of medical staff. Such an item of expenditure can take about 6 thousand dollars a month depending on the region and equipment.

The second part of the current costs is the payment of electricity, heating (if it is a closed installation), etc. This article should be roughly allocated about 1.5 thousand dollars.

The third item of expenditure is monthly advertising. 500 dollars per month will be enough to inform the business and not give residents and guests of the city to forget about the existence of a wind tunnel attraction.

As a result, you need to spend on average $ 8,000 each month to conduct wind tunnel business.

Income part

The average cost of one flight in the wind tunnel is $ 50. The number of attraction visitors, of course, can vary significantly. In large cities carrying out high-quality advertising, you can count on 15-20 visitors daily. At the same time on weekends and holidays the amount of guests are usually several times larger.

So, it will be possible to earn an order of 1 thousand dollars in a day and accordingly 30 thousand dollars a month.

Net profit at the end of each month: 30 thousand dollars – 8 thousand dollars = 22 thousand dollars

Summing up

Of course, this is only an example of business plan, and in reality the figures may differ from those stated here. But even now it can be understood that the payback of a wind tunnel business takes very little time. And if you spend the right marketing and advertising company, then you can count on higher profits for less than a year.