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An important event for entrepreneurs and investors!

Do not miss the event!

How to open a profitable enterprise in just one month using a wind tunnel, despite the fact that such activities already exist? You can find out about this visiting the interesting presentation which will be in Perm on the Freefly Technology site on February 3!

All purposeful people, to whom it is important to be the first owner of a wind tunnel with a diameter of incredible dimensions – 3 meters, – are invited! In addition, the important component of this business is the fact that the client base will include not only idle thrill seekers but also active athletes, which means that the business will bring profit without breaks and days off!

At the presentation, you will have an invaluable opportunity to experience the unforgettable experience of flying on this wonderful machine, as well as ask all the questions of interest to the organizers and communicate with like-minded people from other countries, such as: Indonesia, South Africa, France and others. In addition, professional athletes of the “Freefly Technology Factory Team” will demonstrate their skill in flying in an improved device. To take part in the presentation, just leave a request at our website

Come to the presentation with your friends and acquaintances and you will get a lot of useful information and inexpressible sensations!