The wind tunnels application

The wind tunnels

For your convenience, we suggest you to take a look at the three main categories of customers who are interested in the wind tunnel, although there are more than ten ones. For the successful operation and payback of a wind tunnel business project, it will be necessary to take into account the opinion of each category.

We cite the athletes’ requirements for the wind tunnel construction as a example. If you have a good straight flow, you can sell them a subscription for 10-15 hours of flights in the wind tunnel. But if the flow is bad, they will leave you after 5 minutes of flight. So We want to help you in choosing the right marketing strategy to achieve the result, but not just to convince you to buy a wind tunnel attraction.

Acquiring and realizing any of our solutions at the proper level, you get access to all of the below listed audiences, but it is necessary to build a sufficient level of comfort, service and aesthetic perception.

Existing target audience groups:

  1. Military, special services;

  2. Gift services that earn on your business;

  3. People buying a gift for a child;

  4. People who want to take an instructor’s course and acquire 10-20 hours of flight time in the wind tunnel;

  5. Aerofitnes is a modern line of fitness in the wind tunnel, a substitute for grueling training in the gym;

  6. Athletes, paratroopers, training individual technics for group acrobatics;

  7. People buying a gift for a husband / wife / girl / young man / friend / acquaintance;

  8. People buying a gift for VIP;

  9. People who regularly purchase gift certificates, as they are very loyal to your business;

  10. People who regularly buy gift certificates and actively recommend it to their friends;

  11. People who want to experience the feeling of flying. Acquire a flight for themselves on the day they receive the service;

  12. Celebrating birthdays for children and adults;

  13. Holding corporate holidays;

  14. Media representatives and bloggers. The audience that your business is interested in, and they are ready to regularly provide value in the form of advertising;

  15. Athletes paratroopers, training “Freefly” (individual group technique);

  16. and Athletes taking part in wind tunnel competitions in the class VFS deuce;

  17. Athletes-beginners, paratroopers, passing AFF;

  18. Foreign athletes who train individual technique “Freefly”;

  19. Athletes who train freestyle for flying in the sky and take part in wind tunnel competitions;

  20. Children’s year-round sports sections. 

The recreational athletes

The bulk of customers are people who fly for the first time.

The paratroopers and athletes

A wind tunnel – is an indispensable simulator for athletes, paratroopers. And the flights in the

wind tunnel have become an official sport.

Military sphere

Training of servicemen for jumping in combat equipment.