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1. Links to third-party resources. This Privacy Policy applies only to the information collected by this site. On this Internet resource there are links to third-party projects, to which we have only an indirect relationship. We do not accept responsibility for the Privacy Policy in effect on their pages. If you leave our site, you need to study the Privacy Policy of any third-party site that collects any information about you.

2. Confidentiality of private information. Transmission of individual information. Individual information is any information which makes possible to identify the identity of their provider, such as full name, telephone number, information on electronic means of communication,

3. Use of private data. We use private data to communicate with you and to bring to your attention the necessary information. So, if you sent us an email from this resource, we use your private information (in this case – Email and phone number, if it was specified) to send you an answer, inform you that the order of services has changed. To this end, we can send you an email, SMS message, or make a call. We do not engage in the sale, leasing or non-refundable transfer of the received individual information to third parties.

4. The policy of information that is not private. Our actions regarding information which is not private. We practice collecting information that is not confidential about your viewing of our resource, including the list of pages that you visited, the links that you navigated and other of your transactions while viewing our resource. In addition, we can capture the type of information provided by your browser when visiting any Internet page, such as IP address, browser name, your language, the duration of visiting our site, etc.

5. Changes that may be made with our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right at any time to modify or supplement our Privacy Policy – any part or all of the Policy in full.