Buying a wind tunnel from us you get:

Buying a wind tunnel from us you get:

Equipment with delivery and installation in any city of the world

Staff training and complete turnkey starting business

Successful marketing strategy and promotion assistance

Buy a wind tunnel

at the price of the plant for production

In our catalog you may find the description and price of wind tunnels and make your choice

If you visit our site, then you definitely are interested in the opportunity to buy wind tunnel equipment at a good price. A fantastic feeling of flying in the wind tunnel will not leave indifferent any inhabitant of the Earth, regardless of the place of his residence. In fact, what is a wind tunnel? A wind tunnel is a technical device designed for simulating the environment impact on moving bodies. Simply saying in our case wind tunnel is the equipment for getting the opportunity of safe free-flight experience. You achieve a similar effect as jumping with a parachute until it’s opening. The wind tunnel gives safely try of free fall like flight in space.


At one time, the specialists of our company were studding various models of wind tunnels, manufacturers and all the questions connected with the erection of this grandiose structure. You do not need to repeat us researches and doubts, you can use our business plan and detailed description of the wind tunnel.


The market approach of the vertical wind tunnel creators.

The majority of enthusiasts and companies that want to buy a vertical wind tunnel, expect to buy it at the lowest price. The main issue of saving initial investments is the cornerstone of the project. So it is completely reckless to invest 1 million dollars, if you can realize the project with 500 thousand dollars.


Such a desire is fully justified from an economic point of view, but not entirely from a strategic one. Great importance, when developing a marketing strategy, has a region in which the construction is planned. After all, each audience of consumers makes their special wishes to the technical parameters of the wind tunnel. Therefore, in the beginning it is necessary to carry out marketing researches, to understand predilections of potential visitors, and then to start designing, calculation and realization of the project.

The financial component of the business:

– Flights of beginners – 200 minutes per day. 
– Flights of trained athletes – 60 minutes. 
– The wind tunnel works 30 days in a month. 
– The price of a minute of flight for beginners is 10 dollars. 
– The price of a minute of flight for athletes is 5 dollars. 
– Operating costs – 1 dollar per minute. 
– The total amount of received funds is 65,000 dollars. 
– Net income – 50,000 dollars. 
– The business will pay back from 1 to 3 years.

   (May differ from country of use)

What is a vertical wind tunnel?

In fact, the wind tunnel is a storm of emotions! 
Visitors who have experienced flight in the wind tunnel for the first time compare their explosive positive impressions with the first kiss or sensation from the first trip at the wheel. Having experienced free flying, most people will want to repeat these unforgettable emotions. 
This can be compared with a parachute jump, and it is completely safe.

If we consider the project as a business, we can note a significant aspect, based on the opinion of Seth Godin, who is one of the most important specialists in the field of marketing. He suggests that the selling product should be marketing itself to achieve the success. It means that after studying your business project, many clients will want to share their impressions with relatives and colleagues.

Having experienced the flight in the wind tunnel, each of the visitors will become the most conscientious distributor of your products and attract many customers. 
We will help you to buy a wind tunnel for an acceptable price .

The full package for
starting a business:

The kit includes technical components and relevant recommendations and documents. 
Technical facilities: 
– Electric motors. 
Frequency inverters. 
– The tract. 
– Bearing structure. 
– Flight zone – high-strength glass. 
– A device for cooling the flow. 
And also other necessary elements.
– Complete installation of the wind tunnel at the intended functioning place. 
– Collection and processing of all information to determine the criteria for successful business. 
– Marketing and consulting assistance before receiving the first 85,000 dollars. 
– Checklists of important business processes. 
– Contact information about the companies providing special equipment for flights. 
– Warranty service for three years.

Leonardo da Vinci


Try to fly once, and your eyes will always look into the sky. If you go there once, 

you’ll long for him all the time.