The wind tunnel catalog

  • Have you decided to buy a wind tunnel indoor skydiving machine? Perhaps you are thinking about buying a large wind tunnel or budgetary options from Russia? Or you are planning to buy a wind tunnel in China and you don’t know the exact prices for this equipment?

Choose a suitable wind tunnel in our catalog.

  • You has come to the right site. Choose a suitable wind tunnel in our catalog. There are the best domestic wind tunnels at manufacturer prices. In the list of realized wind tunnels appear: large stationary complexes, and also mobile models which can be transported without problems. There are installations operating from electricity and diesel fuel for your choice. You can buy not only a new wind tunnel, but also used for a somewhile one. At our company You can buy a used wind tunnel at a minimum price. There is no lower price on the market.

Indoor skydiving is an official sport

  • Due to its popularity flights in the wind tunnel is moved to the level of the official sport in 2017 in Russia. The extreme direction has incredible opportunities in the future and will be improved every year. The main business of Businessfly is the sale of wind tunnels, delivery, and commissioning of equipment and business on a turnkey basis with further service. The advantage of working with us can be considered the purchase of a wind tunnel at the price of the manufacturer.And the fact that we can help you in choosing a wind tunnel keeping the open mind and taking into account your current needs and financial capabilities. Wind tunnel covers a huge target audience, so it’s not difficult for you to cope with this business.